Working from home as a Web Entrepreneur and Content Creator


am a work-from-home dad and a web entrepreneur. I have turned some hobbies of mine into a “day job”, although I have no boss, no work schedule, no shifts and no daily commute. Working from home has allowed me to feel free during my entire life. Covering my living expenses with investments and passive income allowed me to experiment in other fields stress-free.

My regular work nowadays consists of creating content and website management.

I work to make a difference, not a paycheck.

Topics of interest

Gambling and iGaming

Gambling is like investing for me. I have never felt the urge to gamble and throw my money away. I only risk money when I already know that I have an edge, like when investing. I think in the same way, when betting on sports, playing online poker or counting cards at blackjack tables!

Writing about advantage gambling though is another story. A writer, who discusses gambling strategies, is often misunderstood. That is why I try to write in the simplest and most straightforward way. I write about the industry as well, such as I may discuss the latest earnings report of an iGaming company. As countries attempt to regulate gambling markets, I often talk about legal stuff as well. More on advantage gambling here.

Investing & Trading

I don’t consider myself an investing expert or trading guru. Far from that. Online trading is a difficult beast to handle, and the learning curve is quite steep. Learning about trading stocks or forex never stops.

Through the process of improving my investing methods and getting familiar with new financial markets, I share my experience, tips and any useful tool I come by. Join me as the journey to financial freedom unfolds! More on investing here.


Ever thought of starting a business?

Well, I myself hadn’t back in 2005 when I began writing in this blog. But as time went by and advertisers began knocking on my door, starting my own web business was the next step. As I have now incorporated my blogs and run my own digital publishing company from, I have gained some experience in terms of forming a company, accounting, dealing with legal issues and actually running a business from home! More on entrepreneurship here.

Web Development

Building a website for your business or creating a personal blog to share your thoughts with the world is easy. Almost no programming skills are required, although you need to learn the basics of web development. More specifically, you must become familiar with domain registration, web hosting and digital marketing. Still, content is king. More on web development here.


How can an advantage gambler become creative? I have found writing and photography to be great ways to escape the loneliness of the work-from-home life. I’m also digging into filmmaking!

More on photography and videography here!

Current Projects

Write something worth reading or do something worth writing.Benjamin Franklin

I enjoy writing articles, attaching high-quality images (mine or creative commons-licensed) to them. Sometimes I will couple those with a short video, as well, for a much pleasant experience! I emphasize on giving a personal feel to my articles than producing lifeless posts. My content is meant for humans and not for robots. I want my content to be found and people to engage with it, not lost in the internet abyss.

Choose a job that you like, and you will never have to work a day in your life.Confucius