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Sion and Lorient’s Odds are Shortening. Should You Bet for Value?

Shortening odds are a sign of gamblers betting heavily on two away teams in the Swiss and French leagues. Is there still value betting on Sion and Lorient?

Young Boys host Sion for the Swiss Super League and sports bettors worldwide believe bookmakers have overvalued them. Home odds are drifting from 1.80 to 2.00 while gamblers are heavily betting on Sion’s shortening odds. Meanwhile, similar betting action takes place in the French clash between St. Etienne and Lorient. Will both teams fighting away from home score a win today?

Why (and How) Sharp Gamblers Move the Betting Line

ESPN published a report on Billy Walters, one of the world’s sharpest gamblers. Here’s what you should learn from it if you are struggling in sports betting.

I hadn’t heard of Billy Walters before I read this ESPN report last week. Billy has been a legend in the sports betting world on the other side of the Atlantic Ocean. He is able to move betting odds and upset the whole betting market with his enormous bets, all from his home.

Why should we, as sports bettors, care in the first place? Here are two things you should learn from that report on ESPN.