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An image is a thousand words. A video, which is a series of images glued together is thousands of words. Instead of putting them on paper, I put them on screen for a more pleasant and relaxing experience.

My videography focus primarily on the educational aspect of gambling and investing. My goal is to educate fellow gamblers and wannabe traders while I try entertaining them.

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Are you not entertained?


Quite often entertainment is missing in this kind of videos. You’ve seen it before. You load a video and in the first few seconds you are already bored. That’s because the video’s narrator sounds bored himself. The dull, slow-pacing video usually features a screengrab while the speaker is explaining what is happening on their screen.

The video starts and ends with the same image. A computer screen. There is no change in-between either.


I have watched numerous videos similar to the above. All poker training websites are showcasing such videos. The 60-min long videos show 2, 4 or 6 poker tables and we get to listen to the player/instructor of their tips and strategy while watching him play. Sometimes they show some PowerPoint presentations, which are just lines of text coupled with fancy transition effects.

Again, boring.

If you’ve watched one video, you think you’ve watched them all. No matter the educational value of the video (which admittedly can be very high), viewers are fighting hard to keep watching. I have.

And it’s not just the visual part of the videos. The sound is also hurting. A bad mic setup will drive viewers away in a matter of seconds. Long pauses, laughs and drinking coffee while recording are common tasks of poker players turned into YouTubers and video instructors.

The same applies to investing videos. And by investing I mean trading videos, where producers talk about stock, forex or futures trading. I am guilty of producing dull videos for this genre as well, specifically for sports trading. Here’s a typical workflow of these, boring-to-death videos I’m embarrassed to still include in my channels due to their unpredictable popularity:

  • I loaded my trading platform.
  • I started recording the screen.
  • I executed some trades.
  • You may hear my voice while recording, or I may have added narration later on. Sometimes I hurried to publish the video so much, there is no sound at all!
  • I published the video.

I didn’t have fun producing that video and it shows. If I am having fun recording and editing the videos, I am sure viewers will also have fun watching them.

Videography tools – No more boring videos!

Gone are the days when I used a web camera to differentiate my work by showing my face in my screen-recorded videos. Today I am using a dSLR camera that helps me become more creative and hugely improves the video’s image quality.

Recording with that camera also means I get to sit in front of the camera and speak up. I do use a teleprompter (basically an application on a tablet), to avoid pauses and bloopers. Additionally, I practice creativity by filming close-ups of my desk, monitors and gear to keep viewers engaged. When I was young, filmmaking fascinated me and today I find myself learning more filmmaking tips than ever before! Even the videos’ thumbnails are crucial to a video’s success.

Rode Lav MicThe sound is also improved compared to the old days, by recording sound externally. I use a RØDE smartLav mic, which is basically a lavalier microphone clipped on my shirt and connected to a mobile phone. I reduce noise and sync the sound with the video in the editing process afterward.

Scripting has also become a part of my video-recording process. I no longer start recording without a script in my hands! In the past, I just pressed “record” and began speaking and capturing the screen. I didn’t have a plan. That led to some deleted videos as well.

Nowadays I first find a topic, a title and write the script. Basically, the script is similar to a normal blog post, although the speaking tone is hugely exaggerated. The script helps me to follow a plan, prepare the shots and know where I am heading to. The script itself will be used for the video’s captions and the accompanying blog post, further increasing its value.

Finally, my videos rarely exceed 5 minutes in duration. Short videos seem attractive to newcomers. It’s easier for me to convince you watching a 4-min short film than an hour-long video. And if it’s a video with huge educational value squeezed in just four minutes, I am sure you will surf around my channel for more!

In short, entertainment is the top priority when I produce videos these days. Yet, that doesn’t mean the educational part of the videos is neglected. It’s just that I think entertaining videos are missing from the gambling and investing world. I am attempting to fill that gap.

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